ViTaL: Self-Service & Peer-Support for Educational Videos


Mich Donovan demonstrates the use of a video kit.

Welcome to ViTaL! We hope this site and other ViTaL services and resources will help you create videos for your classes and other educational activities using a self-service, peer-supported model. We welcome your feedback at any time to let us know what’s working and what would be useful to add or change.

The focus of the self-service model is a video kit with a Mac laptop, a webcam, a microphone, and a tablet you can use to annotate presentation slides. A small number of kits can be checked out from the Link. You can also create your own kit. For more information about kits, select Get the Kit.

Monthly Interest Group Meetings

The ViTaL interest group meets each month during the academic year. Select Peer Support from the tabs above to see a schedule of meetings and topics. Meetings of the interest group are one way to meet others at Duke who are creating video so you can share ideas and tips. Other options are also available from the Peer Support tab.

Get the Kit

icon_get-kitA limited number of kits are available for check-out from the Link. You can also create your own kit.


icon_resourcesYou can attend a face-to-face training session, use Duke’s Lynda.com license to access some online training, or request group training.